What to do when you have a warrant for arrest

When you find that you have an open warrant for your arrest, I urge you to call an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately!
First, in order to advise you properly, the attorney will need to know what jurisdiction the warrant is issued from. The benefit of having your criminal defense attorney involved from the very beginning, including the process of availing yourself to the Court on an open bench warrant is to give you the best chance in your case going forward. It not only ensures the protection of your constitutional rights in every stage of the criminal justice process but can also help with your chances of not spending a night or two in jail.
Availing yourself of a bench warrant works in your favor the majority of the time. Running from a bench warrant or hiding from the police not only creates fear and stress in your life, but ultimately, when you are arrested on the bench warrant it doesn’t help the argument for your bond to be set to personal recognizance or a low amount. The Court, in most instances, believes that because you have been avoiding them while you were in warrant status, you have proven to them that you will be a risk for appearing to future Court dates. If the Court has this belief, its likely your bond will be set at a monetary value that might be unaffordable.
Turning yourself in on a bench warrant may seem scary, but ultimately with your criminal defense attorney is at your side not only will you have an easier time arguing for an affordable bond amount, but you will also give weight to your upcoming criminal case by proving from the beginning that you want to take care of this case.
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