What is a Deviation Letter and how May it Help Your Criminal Case?

Everyone makes mistakes, right? It’s an age-old adage for a reason. Oftentimes in one’s life, a person will do something regrettable that they necessarily shouldn’t have to suffer from for the rest of their life. The criminal justice system in Michigan has procedures available designed for folks who face criminal charges on first time offenses or as a result of isolated incidents.
One such method of protecting first-time offenders is through one of several deferral programs available through the Michigan criminal legislature (see previous blog post on same for further details!). Another path to achieving such a goal is for your criminal defense attorney to write and submit what’s known as a “deviation letter” to the prosecutor presiding over your criminal matter. A deviation letter is a memo prepared to the charging authority detailing reasons that a particular client deserves leniency for their crimes. Such valid reasons may include particular job requirements, a spotless criminal record, an illness, or any other substantial reason your criminal defense attorney may deem worthy of further explanation.
There are no guarantees that writing a deviation letter will be successful, of course, but oftentimes it gives clients with unique sets of circumstances a chance to take a plea for a lowered charge, or allow them into a situation procedurally that criminal convictions won’t remain on their record. This affords first-time offenders opportunities to maintain steady employment and other benefits for years to come. 
Call The Law Offices or Joumana Kayrouz today and ask for a free phone consultation if you’re facing criminal charges today! We can help you discuss possible options available so your single mistake won’t cost you for the rest of your life. 


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