Your Rights Radio | Social Security Disability with Michael Roth | February 19th, 2019

Joumana Kayrouz

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Topics Discussed on this show are

Social Security Disability with Michael Roth
1. SSI is needs-based
2. Drug Addicts and Alcoholics cannot get disability benefits but can lead to serious impairment
3. Can a claimant receive SSI and still work? (No more than 20 hours a week)
4. When a claimant relocates does that result in losing SSI? Should the claimant re-apply?
5. The wait time for an appeal of SSI is now shortened to 8-9 months and the possibility of video conferencing.
6. Is it advisable to hire an attorney to represent someone who is applying for Social Security
7. Attorney Fees and SSI are mandated by federal rules (25% or $6,000 whichever is less)

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