Your Rights Radio | Immigration Show | July 1st, 2019

Joumana Kayrouz

Your Rights Radio | Immigration Show | July 1st, 2019

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-Immigration Show

Only US citizens can vote and only US citizens are registered to vote (not people with green cards, NOT people with student visas, work visas, etc.)
Beware of filling out the register to vote form at the secretary of state during license application or renewal. DO NOT CHECK THE “US CITIZEN” box
Those who filled out the register to vote form in error should immediately contact the Voting commission in the city they reside informing them of the mistake and requesting a removal of their name from the voting list.
Checking a citizenship box or voting as a green card holder is a deportable offense.
Felony Convictions for a naturalized citizen is not different from any other citizen born in the US, however there may be travel bans by other countries being visited (Canada or Mexico)
Can a naturalized citizen apply for a green card to her husband who is now retired from the army in egypt? (no conflict because husband is now retired)

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