Your Rights Radio | Divorce Show | December 6th, 2018

Joumana Kayrouz

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Topics Discussed on this show are:
Divorce and Other Related Matters

* Division of Material Assets during a Divorce
* Counseling and Exploring possibilities of reconciliation prior to divorce proceeding
* Increase child support. When applicable and steps to be taken
* Division of Material Assets during a 1-year marriage
* Is inheritance a Material asset?
* Fraud in a divorce proceeding will result in overturning the divorce judgement, resulting in sanctions and possible re-division of property.
* Calling the police. (Imminent threat of harm to self, children, and the other person)
* Misusing calling 911 can result in being charged for a misdemeanor.
* The responsibilities of parties prior to divorce, and during divorce not to provoke each other, possibility escalating into a domestic violence situation.

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