Your Rights Radio | Bankruptcy Show | February 1st, 2018

Joumana Kayrouz

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Topics Discussed on this show are:

-How much are the attorney fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy in your office?
-Are there any other fees to file for bankruptcy?
-What are those cases in which the court may waive the $335 filing fee?
-What are the federal poverty guidelines?
-Are there any other requirements to waive the filing fee?
-So if you are within 150% of the federal poverty guidelines, you have $5,000 in the bank, and you owe a family member $5,000. Could you pay back your family member and then you wouldn’t have $5,000 in the bank and you could get the filing fee waived?
-Is there anything else like this? What if someone is afraid of losing their house, can they deed the property over to someone else before they file for bankruptcy?
-What if it is not property, and it is not a family member? Let’s say you have a credit card that you want to keep so you pay it off before you file for bankruptcy? It’s not property, it’s not a family member. Is this okay?
-So a person’s credit score will be affected and they will not be able to get credit cards?
-You said something about discharge of debts. Can you explain what kinds of debt you can discharge in bankruptcy?

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