USCIS to Stop Aliens from Filing Fraudulent Asylum Applications

USCIS to Stop Aliens from Filing Fraudulent Asylum Applications
The Department of Homeland Security seeks to crack down on fraudulent, frivolous asylum applications.
The proposed rule is geared toward making sure aliens with bona fide asylum claims be prioritized.
Under the proposed regulation, DHS would modify current regulations in several areas. For example:
Extend the waiting period to apply for employment authorization to one year.Eliminate issuing recommended approvals for a grant of affirmative asylum.Revise eligibility for employment authorizations by excluding aliens who entered or attempted to enter the U.S. other than lawfully through a U.S. port of entry.Revise the termination of the EAD to coincide with the denial of an alien’s request for asylum.Change requirements for filing an asylum application such as removing the requirement that USCIS return an incomplete application within 30 days.
The Department of Homeland Security is motivated to improve the current asylum backlog, allow for swift adjudication of meritorious asylum applications, and preserve the integrity of the asylum system. Those individuals seeking asylum for employment authorization gain a benefit that is thought to be in need of reform, hence the proposed changes to the asylum application process and regulations.
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Sevahn Merian
Associate Attorney, Immigration Law Department
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