Symptoms and Doctor Appointments

Symptoms and Doctor Appointments
When you file a lawsuit for an injury claim, you open the door for the defense to request a lot of information about you. They are typically entitled to retrieve your medical records both before and after the incident, subject you to an examination, and even stalk your social media. That is why it is especially important to document as much as you can after an accident. Visual evidence is always more convincing than the claimant’s testimony. Therefore, after an accident, it is important to talk to all of your doctors about all of your symptoms.
For example, if you happen to catch the flu after your accident, and you go to see your primary care physician, you may want to mention that you were in a car accident and talk about some of the symptoms you have been feeling. This is because your doctor will record all of your complaints in his record. Therefore, in the likely chance the defense gets a hold of that record, it will be objectively documented that you had complaints of pain from your accident. This is the same case with defense medical experts. When the defense sends you to their own doctor, you want to be descriptive of your symptoms on that date and even symptoms you have been feeling since the accident. Also, as we’ve posted in the past your social media is subject to “stalking” by the defense. So, if you’re going to post, post about your injuries and your feelings too. Visual evidence is always best for your case and the more you have documented, the better off your will be!


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