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At The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz, we can assist you if your disability prevents you from working and you believe you have been wrongfully denied Social Security Disability benefits.


Our dedicated attorneys have been helping people just like you get the edge they need when going up against the federal government.

Social Security Disability Programs

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Individuals who are disabled or blind and insured under the Social Security tax that is paid on their earnings or the earnings of a spouse or parent, are given benefits through the SSDI program, or Title II.

For individuals who are disabled or blind (including children under the age of 18) and have limited income and resources, payments may be received through SSI or Title XVI.

Obtaining Social Security Disability benefits can be complicated. After filing a claim, the state will decide whether a claimant's medical condition adheres to the definition of a disability under Social Security law.


A person's age, daily activity level, past work experience, education and medical information will be evaluated.


In examining this information, a person's physicians, hospitals, employers, schools and other individuals may be contacted so that functional information and medical records can be accessed.

Effective Legal Assistance for Successful Results

When seeking Social Security disability benefits, it is important to make sure that the correct paperwork is filled out and filed properly, that Social Security benefits match specific financial needs and that you receive the coverage you need and deserve.


-The Social Security attorneys at The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz have dedicated years to protecting the rights of those seeking Social Security benefits. We understand what it takes to gather, organize, and present the appropriate information so you receive the fair and just amount of Social Security benefits that you deserve. 

The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz is a Multi-Service firm that specializes in Personal Injury, Immigration, Bankruptcy, Criminal, and Family Law. If you're in trouble, we can help.

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