Reconciliation Amidst Divorce Proceedings

Every attorney who practices family law knows to expect the unexpected as a domestic case progresses. It is a unique area of law to begin with, because family law, as reflected in both statute and case precedent, is mainly comprised of sets of factors as opposed to bright line rules. That means that phrases like “equitable division of the assets,” or “best interests of the child” are not cut and dry, but rather areas to be explored and expertly argued by the hardworking family law attorneys to reach the best possible outcome for their clients.
One such unexpected outcome is that parties to a divorce action may decide to reconcile before the final judgment of divorce is entered. This happens more often than one may expect, and if staying together as a married couple is the wish and desire of both parties, it is the job of a good family law attorney to assist and even encourage a couple to stay together, especially if there are minor children involved (so long as all involved are in a safe environment, of course).
However, if you’re considering reconciling amidst divorce proceedings, there are a couple things to bear in mind. First, the time and expense of the filing fees, court costs, and attorney fees that were required to begin your divorce action are more often than not nonrefundable. Should one or both of the divorcing parties later decide to stay together, they will have to begin divorce proceedings all over again should they later decide to end the marriage once again. Additionally, the parties need to be aware whether or not their spouse has filed a counter-complaint in response to the plaintiff’s complaint for divorce. If they have, it will take both parties to divorce their respective actions for divorce, not just one. Finally, it only takes one spouse to want a divorce for it to be granted in Michigan. 
If you have any questions or concerns about any of the information discussed above, please contact The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz to speak to an experienced family law attorney today!


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January 17, 2020

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