Can My Landlord Evict Me During the Covid-19 Outbreak?

Can My Landlord Evict Me During the Covid-19 Outbreak?

Governor Whitmer signed an executive order that stops evictions in Michigan during the Covid-19 outbreak. Although the state of emergency is set to expire on May 28, it has been extended several times and may possibly be extended beyond May 28. Your landlord can still make a demand for rent, but during this time he or she cannot evict you if you do not pay your rent.

You should still pay your rent if you are able to, to avoid having a situation where the state of emergency is lifted, you owe your landlord hundreds or thousands of dollars, and eviction proceedings resume. You can still be evicted for reasons other than non-payment of rent, such as posing a substantial risk to another person or an imminent and severe risk to the property.

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