Since President Trump has taken office, every day brings a new immigration nightmare: reports of undocumented families broken apart, Dreamers apprehended, and asylum seekers held in detention.
The trump administration, through news and other media outlets, would like us to believe that it is battling threats to national security and public safety, but the reality of these changes are a stark difference. We see families being torn apart and people being thrown out of the country with no due process. A report issued by the AILA or the American Immigration Lawyer Association, points out that the Trump Administration has gone to great lengths to deport as many people as possible, as quickly as possible, with little regard for the financial cost or impact upon American communities.
Upon hearing the stories of people targeted under the Trump administration, I could no longer doubt that everyone is now at risk of deportation. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is targeting adults who step forward to care for unaccompanied children if those adults are undocumented, even if it means a victimized child may end up in detention or deported back to danger.  ICE is pursuing people who have valid claims for relief, including victims of crimes who have helped police officers investigate serious criminal cases.  ICE is even deporting the parents of children who are being treated for special medical needs.  Under this new regime, it seems there are no equities compelling enough and no contribution great enough for someone to warrant an exercise of discretion.
With nothing really in sight to battle against these policy changes, we can only hope that lobbying and a strong enough public effort can change the minds of these lawmakers and put a stop to the trump administration’s terrible decision making process.
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