New Check-in & Interview Process for Naturalization (Citizenship) Interviews in Detroit USCIS Office

New Check-in and Interview Process for Naturalization (Citizenship) Interviews in Detroit USCIS Office, Effective November 5, 2018.
The naturalization interview process will change for N-400 applicants scheduled for November 5, 2018 and thereafter at the Detroit USCIS Field office. Prior to November 5, 2018, applicants met with one USCIS Officer to complete their interview. Effective November 5, 2018, applicants will now interview with up to three (3) USCIS Officers and will be required to submit to new fingerprints and a photo.
  1. 1st Check-in: Check in at reception desk (as currently required), where the receptionist will direct applicants to go through a second check in at the waiting area.
  2. 2nd Check-in: The second check-in desk in the waiting area will capture the applicant’s biometrics (fingerprints and photo), and check that the applicant has brought all the required documents for the N-400 interview.
  3. 1st test of Naturalization interview: After the second check-in is completed, the applicant will be asked to complete the Naturalization Test (English and Civics) at the Window Area. If the applicant does not pass this portion of the test, then they will not need to complete the last portion of the interview (eligibility for naturalization).
  4. 2nd test of Naturalization interview: If the applicant passes 1st portion of the test, then they will be called in by an officer for the final portion of the interview (eligibility for naturalization).
  5. This new interview process only applies for those who are interviewed for the first time, not re-examination interviews.
The previous N-400 process, which still applies for re-examination applicants, consisted of the following:
  1. Check-in: The Applicant checks in at the reception desk and is directed to the waiting area for their name to be called by an officer.
  2. Interview: The officer calls the applicant in for a two-part interview (1) English and Civics, and (2) Eligibility to Naturalize. The officer would complete both parts of the interview regardless of whether the applicant passed the English or Civics portion of the interview.
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