How your Fitbit, Apple Watch, or other wearable tech can affect your Personal Injury Claim

Wearable technology such as Fitbit, Apple Watch, or Samsung Gear are all products that have become part of our everyday lives. Most people wake up in the morning and put their smart watch on before starting their day. It is easy to see how these devices help preform everyday tasks like reading text messages or taking calls. Some, however, wear their smart watch/device to track their activity throughout the day. We now can track how many steps we take, the distance we have travel, the amount of calories we burn, and countless other statistics. These statistics are then stored and tracked on various apps for us to review on demand.
The potential issues with this technology in regards to personal injury claims is when those statistics that are being tracked by our devices are requested by insurance companies. When these devices are worn both before and after an auto accident, insurance companies may be able to see the differences in the statistics from before, to after. This can be of great benefit to your case if those statistics show a clear and obvious decline in the activity you perform on a daily basis before vs. after and accident. However, the possibility is also there for these statistics to harm your case if the opposite is true. If there is no difference between those statistics from before to after you accident, insurance companies may try to use that against you.
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By Bill Farhat


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