Don’t Ignore Your Pain After an Auto Accident!

Don’t Ignore Your Pain After an Auto Accident!
In many auto accidents, the victims do not feel pain due to their injuries and do not even know that they have incurred injuries immediately after the car crash. Some victims may experience symptoms such as pain, inflammation, blurry visions as little as one day after the crash. Some injuries do not make any symptoms appear, and some make symptoms appear after two days, or even a week, after the collision. Whiplash is the best example to understand how your body does not show symptoms immediately after the accident. Whiplash injuries are when the soft tissue of your neck incurs injuries. It tears the tissues after experiencing hyperextension due to the injury. Even though the symptoms do not appear immediately, whiplash injuries may be very severe. Therefore, even if you think your minor injury will resolve itself, it is best to opt for medical assistance as soon as possible. 
The worst-case scenario is that your pain completely resolves itself and you have wasted some time and money on a doctor’s visit. However, if you go to a doctor the same day or very shortly after a car accident, and the injury gets worse, you’ll have made an incredibly valuable decision.
A major reason why many victims of car accidents do not file claims is that they think their injuries are too minor for filing a personal injury claim. Some injuries that appear to be minor tend to turn into very serious problems in the future. Many victims do not realize it until it’s too late. A reason why people think that their injuries are minor can be due to their body releasing adrenaline, which camouflages the true nature of the injury.
In many cases of car accidents where victims though their injuries were too minor, did not know about stretched ligaments, herniated discs, or other maladies that can have long-lasting impacts on the body. 
These are the two reasons why it is not wise to ignore minor injuries, aches, or pain after a car accident. The very first step after a car accident is to seek medical assistance at its earliest. After a healthcare provider has fully examined you, you should consult a personal injury law attorney. 
You must hire professional legal help if you think you were in an accident due to the negligence, recklessness, or even intentional conduct of someone else. It is a step you must take, regardless of how minor your injuries are, because the one at fault needs to face the consequences of their actions. We at The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouzspecialize in accidents of all kinds, big and small. We pride ourselves in our clients recovery and health!


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