DHS Announces Extension of Temporary Protected Status for Syria

Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Syria has been extended for 18 months, until March 21, 2021. TPS is a temporary immigration status for individuals of specific countries that are facing certain extraordinary and temporary conditions, such as an armed conflict or natural disaster. The Department of Homeland Security, specifically, the Secretary of DHS, has the discretion to designate, extend, and/or terminate the TPS designations of countries. These decisions are not subject do judicial review.
Individuals who are granted TPS receive a temporary stay of deportation which allows them to live in the US during the duration of the designation. These individuals are also eligible to work in the U.S. by filing form I-765. Lastly, they may also travel outside the U.S. and return by requesting and obtaining Advance Parole.
Individuals may file for TPS using form I-821, in addition to I-765 to request work authorization. In order to qualify for TPS, an individual must prove that he/she:
1. Is a citizen of a foreign country with TPS designation
2. Has been physically present, continuously, in the U.S. since the effective date of designation
3. Has resided, continuously, in the US since a date as specified by the Secretary of DHS; and
4. Is not inadmissible or barred from applying for asylum due to national security reasons or certain criminal history.
For more information about the TPS program, please contact our office for a free telephone consultation (15 minute) at 248-557-3645.
Sam R. Saif
Managing Attorney, Immigration Law Department
The Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz, PLLC


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