As many are aware, the No-Fault law in the state of Michigan recently changed substantially. Some changes do not take effect for a year or two; however, some are already in effect. One particular aspect is issues of priority.
Previously, a pedestrian or bicyclist who was struck by a car was entitled to unlimited coverage through their own or resident-relative’s automobile insurance. If they did not fall under this category, the next option was unlimited coverage from the driver who struck them.
The new law changed this. If you are a pedestrian or bicyclist who does not have automobile insurance either through your own policy or a resident-relative’s policy, you will be assigned to an insurance company though the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan. Additionally, this coverage is capped at a limit of $250,000.00. This means that the assigned insurance company only has to cover $250,000.00 in coverage. This is especially important because pedestrians and bicyclists could be catastrophically injured. It should be noted that in this scenario, you can be eligible for additional coverage through the policy limits of the at-fault driver.
So what is the lesson in all of this? First, if you have an automobile in your household, make sure you have insurance on it. Second, if you are able, always make sure you can identify the motor vehicle that struck you. This means, if they try to flee the scene, try and at least get a license plate number. Other than that, the changes to this law are devastating for pedestrian and bicyclists, and for many others. Only time will tell what this will mean for auto accident victims. If you have any questions please contact us at 1-866-YOUR-RIGHTS or visit us online at


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August 24, 2018

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