Attention Canadian Citizens: You may be entitled to Michigan No-Fault Benefits

Auto accident laws differ depending on the state in which you live. In fact, only few states even offer No Fault benefits. In many states, you may only be entitled to benefits if you were not at fault. Therefore, it’s easy to understand that auto laws definitely differ in other countries. However, there may be an exception for our neighbors to the north in Canada.
First, it should be noted that citizens of another state, who are involved in an accident inside the state of Michigan, are, in fact, entitled to No Fault benefits. This is true regardless of which state that individual resides.
Now, a Canadian citizen may be entitled to the same benefits; however, it slightly more complicated. If a Canadian citizen is involved in a motor vehicle accident inside the state of Michigan, they may be entitled to No Fault benefits. First, the Canadian citizen must look at their insurance policy. Many Canadian auto insurance companies offer their insureds the opportunity to elect Michigan benefits versus Canadian benefits. If your Canadian insurance company affords you this opportunity, we highly recommend you take it.
Michigan’s benefits are unique to that of Canada’s; and as mentioned earlier, unique to the rest of the United States. As a reminder, No Fault benefits are afforded to most anyone involved in a motor vehicle accident in Michigan. These unique benefits include:
– Unlimited (reasonable and necessary) medical coverage related to injuries sustained in the motor vehicle accident
– Unlimited attendant care reimbursement to a provider of personal services such as bathing, dressing, supervision, and nursing services to those in need of the same
– Three years of wage loss to those who cannot work as a result of the motor vehicle accident
– Three years of replacement services reimbursement at a maximum of $20/day for provider of household chores
– Unlimited medical mileage reimbursement for trips made to necessary medical appointments.
Therefore, if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident but are a Canadian citizen, you may be entitled to these benefits. If you have questions about if you are entitled to these benefits and/or would like to learn more about them, please feel free to contact us immediately.


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